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Research School Launch

The launch of the Oldham Research School by The Greetland Academy, has been covered in the Oldham Times.


The Academy's Jo Pearson leads the Research school with the support of our Teamworks Teaching School Alliance partner schools. Jo works with Research Champions: Adam Harris, the Greetland Academy; Helen Crowther, Beech Hill Primary School; and Cath Profiitt, The Halifax Academy.

SCITT Updates

Our professional learning programme on Literacy, Early Years, History and geography and TA training can be found here  and here (Flyer)

Teamworks TSA and Greetland Academy are very excited to have been chosen to be the EEF Research School working for Oldham.  See our launch event here

 Find out more about us here

Read more here  and  here please look at the research section on our website

If you are interested in our work please contact Jo on


Research readings


How students learn

The science of learning; a paper summarising key principles of how children learn and the implications for teachers in classrooms.  

Daniel Willingham, a cognitive psychologist's paper on 'what will improve a student's memory'

A summary of the 20 principles in psychology that drive teaching and learning.  Very readable.

How can we improve students' memory and retrieval of knowledge?  This link to the Learning Scientists blog allows you to access the latest research and revision tips for your students.  You can download posters of revision tips here .  There is also a journal paper here that gives more detail about the underpinning research.


Pedagogical approaches

These two papers look at what research knows about lesson design.  Rosenshine's paper look at the principles of instruction and Swellner et al  look at direct instruction.


This review explores what makes great teaching


Marking and assessment

The EEF review of marking: what do we know?  What should we be asking ourselves?

Paul Black's paper on assessment for learning builds on the Inside the Black Box work of the late 1990s.



Useful links

The EEF toolkit is regularly updated and is very useful but please do read the summary sheets; context matters and there will always have been a range of responses within any systematic review, it is important you look at all the information to be able to make informed decisions.  The Institute for Effective Education is another excellent website to link practitioners with research.  Finally the EPPI centre has some excellent resources but the full reports are very long and somewhat less practitioner facing than the two listed above.  


Promising projects allows you to examine interventions that evidence currently suggests should have a positive impact on pupil outcomes.  This can provide powerful rationales for your pupil premium spending and underpin your reviews and self assessments.


The Research Schools Network is a collaboration between the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) and the Institute for Effective Education (IEE).  Their website is an excellent source of further help and information in the region and beyond.  Huntington School is the RS in the Yorkshire and Humber region.


This blog contains links to some of the most influencial papers in education, especially cognitive science

Prof. Rob Coe has some great links here to freely available papers and blogs


The latest NFER newsletter can be found here 


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